About Us



“Plast Commerce – 93” ltd is established in 1992 in Sofia. The company is specialized in production of PVC granulates – soft (for shoe-soles, cables, flexible pipes) and rigid (for outdoor roll-up blinds, pipes and fittings). Subsequently start production of PVC gaskets and PVC shoe-soles. “Plast Commerce – 93” ltd adopt new lines of PVC profiles and paneling since 2000.Nowadays the Company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a versatile range of high quality construction profiles and concrete accessories.


“Plast Commerce – 93” ltd initiate a management system of quality ISO 9001:2000. The company disposes with high quality of equipment and technology.


Plast Commerce’s production area is in Berkovitsa. The company owns warehouses in Sofia and Ihtiman.


We aim to serve our customers by meeting their exact specification and providing the best formulation and design.

Company’s motto is:

The client is always right


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